100 fps shooting in almost no light at all

Canon certainly is among those brands which are not only manufacturing cameras only for the sake of marketing, but that have a great R&D department. Wanting to push technology to the extreme, the engineers from Canon presented brand new full-HD image sensor. The innovation behind this sensor is that its capable of shooting slow-motion in anything other then starlight. This is insane taking into consideration that this is almost complete darkness.

Code named, 35MMFHDXS, the CMOS sensor can shoot at full-HD resolution with 100 frames per second, even during the night. Aside from other image sensors, the prototype developed by Canon doesn’t require an infrared lighting source. The use of the ambient lighting offers a much wider field of view and a more realistic image.

The specifications of the new sensor are the following:

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  • Effective Pixels: Approx. 2.2 MP (2000h x 1128v)
  • Sensor Size: 36.48mm x 20.52mm (35mm film size)
  • Pixel Size: 19µm
  • Frame Rate: 100fps

A short presentation of the new sensor can be seen in the video below

The new image sensor is available both in monochrome and color.  While some of use would like to have such a sensor in their cameras, this will have specialized uses. The real benefit of this new technologies will be seen in surveillance cameras and night vision systems. It seems that technology still has surprises for us.

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