Nikon D850
Nikon D850

The news that Nikon D850 will be launched soon got a lot of attention from the public. Also the attention of Pixelstrobist therefor I posted the very first article as soon as I had some information. Whether people want to find out what Nikon is preparing for their new flagship or how will affect the price of the D810 people are curious. There was a lot of speculations about the features the new Nikon D850 will bring. So far no official information was released when this will be on the shelves. Lately there were a lot of rumors on the Internet about what will the new D850 bring. Thanks to it seems that we are getting closer and closer to the final specifications. Only time will tell what will be real and what not. But let see what do we know so far.

Nikon D850 sensor

Images sensor
Images sensor

The actual Nikon D810 offers a 36.3 Mpx full frame sensor without an optical low pass filter. Probably we will have a much bigger pixel count.  According to the previously mentioned nikonrummors website, this could have arround 45-46 Mpx. For sure we will have improved low and high ISO performance. Another information that we know from the launched promo video is the 8K time lapse video capabilities. Consequently this strengthens even more the assumption of a much larger sensor than 36.3 Mpx. Another interesting information comes from Yahoo Japan that described the D850 to have “high speed shooting” capabilities. For sure this will have an impact on the electronics. So far continuous shooting will probably be around 8 ore more fps.

It is really not known whether the sensor will be manufactured by Sony. Although some rumors mention another manufacturer for the sensor, Sony is the leader in this field. Even though the D500’s sensor is manufactured by Toshiba, this was taken over by Sony in 2015.

Nikon D850 Expeed engine

Nikon Expeed
Nikon Expeed

The actual D810 is equipped with the Expeed 4 image processor. All things considered we will see a new image processor on the D850. The assumption goes that the actual Expeed 4 certainly cannot handle the amount of pixels and information transfer the D850 is rumored to have.  Also something rivaling with Canon’s EOS 5 DS and 5 DS R needs enough processing power. It is also possible to have a dual Expeed 5 engine. This is not uncommon for Canon to have two of its DIGIC processing engines. Models like EOS 7D Mark II and EOS-1D X Mark II certainly have this solution implemented.

Nikon D850 video capabilities

Although we don’t know the real specs of the new D850 the promo video gave us a hint. The video uploaded to youtube hinted the presences of 4K UHD shooting at 2160p. Looking at the latest releases it is very clear that 4K will be the new standard. Models like the D500 of D7500 all have 4K video capabilities. I think that the D850 will be not exception from that. Also the old D810 has both microphone and headphone ports. Therefore it would be surprising not to see that on the new camera.

Nikon D850 screen

Screen Nikon D810

So far Nikon’s current models offer a quite generous 3,2 inch screen size. Although we would appreciate a larger screen probably this will not change. Although so far the D8xx models didn’t offered an articulated screen it seems that this will change. Nikonrumors leaked images presented this feature to be present. What would be curious to find out is the quality of the screens. Lately people expect to have display qualities similar to their smartphones. This is quite normal as the smartphone industry is offering high resolution, good readability in sunlight on their smartphones. Tony Northrup admitted in this video that he was really disappointed by the lcd screen of his D500. Therefor we might see a higher resolution screen on the new D850.

Nikon D850 price

Now this part is a really important one. Why? Because people have made all sort of speculations about the price of the new D850. For that let’s check the price of the previous models when they came out. The D800 had a price of £2399.99/$2999.99. The D810’s price was £2699/$3299.95. It would be great to see the D850 below £3000. This price would position the new D850 below Canon’s EOS 5D Mark IV.

Other goodies on the list

The list of features is not over yet. Other features that probably will be present the D850 are:

  •  the D850 LCD will have twice the resolution of the D810
  •  slo-mo full HD 120fps video
  •  the SD slot will support UHS-II
  •  improved LiveView split-screen display
  •  improved silent shooting mode
  •  improved battery life
  •  lighter than the D810

Final thoughts

There is hopefully we will not have to wait quite long until the new camera will hit the shelves. Probably we will see it even in this autumn. After seeing the problems Nikon as company is facing right now I expect changes from their side. After restructuring the company they have clearly got the message. It is not enough to launch a camera with small tweaks. You need to offer your users excitement like Sony does. We will find it out in the next months. Share your comments and thoughts in the comment section. Where should Nikon make improvements as a company and on their products.

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