8. Sturdy tripod

There will be the moment when you will want to try landscape photography or even videography where a sturdy tripod will make a huge difference in the shot. A good quality tripod won’t move a thing even if you have wind blowing. But bear in mind that it needs to carry the overall weight of the hole system. Therefor choose wisely. There are quite a lot of options out there and the prices can sky rocket for some high end models.

Try to avoid the cheapo ones as they are no good for anything. Even if you are tight on a budget my recommendation is to go for a study aluminum tripod which is capable to hold more than the weight of your system. This may set you back around $100, but at least your camera will stay on the tripod. If you have a larger budget you can choose yourself a carbon fiber body tripod. These are not only lightweight, but are strong enough to make the job done. I recommend you Manfroto and Gitzo.

Also one important aspect that you need to pay attention is the weight of the tripod. As you will need to carry it around the weight can be an important factor if you have quite a lot of equipment to bring along.

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9. Remote shutter release

Along with a sturdy tripod you will need for those landscape photos a remote shutter release. Especially when you need to make long exposure shots. Even slight movements like pressing the shutter button on your camera will effect the sharpness of your shots. One particular situation when I really recommend using a shutter release is during night shots or astro photography.It is very important not to move the camera during long exposure shots. Especially in BULB mode.

10. Polarizing filter

Even though my personal opinion is the UV filters are more about the marketing and are not very useful, the polarizing filters greatly improve your shots. Not only that you will eliminate the shine of reflective surfaces, the use of polarizing filters will help you take breathtaking shots of the blue sky. Check the image below to see what I am speaking about.

Polarizing filter
Polarizing filter

You can see the rich colors and improved contrast. It is as if we would speak about two different pictures. In fact that is the case. Choose a good quality polarizing filters as some of the people that have purchased bad quality ones complained by the lack o sharpness.

I have used so far Hoya filters which proved to be quite good, but there certainly are other options as well. Pay attention to the diameter of the front element of the lens, as there are different sizes. Choose one that matches the diameter of your lens, otherwise you will not be able to screw it on. Related the prices these can start from a couple of hours and can go beyond the $100 mark.

Final thoughts

I have enumerated a number of 10 different accessories for your camera. Now you know what are most important accessories for DSLR camera. These are only a few of the total amount of accessories you can purchase. If you consider other accessories important to be purchased I invite you to share it in the comment section.

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