5. Padded neck strap for your DSLR

A good quality padded neck strap will release the pain you feel in the neck after carrying all they long that DSLR. Even if we are speaking of light weights, if you carry it long enough you will fill the extra weight. As a consequence you will fill the pain in the neck. After all even a light weight DSLR weighs arround 1 kilo or 2.2 pounds. This certainly depends on the gear you are using. For full frame cameras with super telephoto lenses attached this weight can greatly increase. Am I right or am I right :P? This is why a good padded neck strap can help you transfer the weight across the body. If you don’t believe me try it by your own.

6. Lens cleaning kit

Because you are working on the field taking a lot of photos, the likelihood your lens will get smudged or dirty is high. Therefor it is important that you are able to clean you leans without scratching it. After all we are speaking of a quite expensive piece of glass. Secondly scratches due to incorrect cleaning of the lens can give you a set back in your pocket if you need to replace a lens. Choosing a good lens cleaning kit will ease this work for you. They consist mainly of a cleaning solution, cleaning pen and a microfiber cloth. Certain cleaning kits may offer additional tools as well. Some manufacturers offer a two in one option. This means that they offer cleaning of the lens and camera sensor as well.

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7. Giottos rocket blower

This little blower is powerful enough to make its job done. It will remove most of the dust particles that get stuck on your image sensor. After all, changing the lens on you camera cannot prevent dust to enter inside your camera. This is where this powerful blower gets really helpful. It will eliminate the need to go to a specialized shop to clean your lens. Although this is advised to be done, if you don’t know what to do exactly you can easily damage your camera’s sensor. After all this is not a cheap repair. Therefor I suggest to use this blower instead. But if you really need to clean the sensor leave it in the hands of professionals.

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