3. Memory cards

Quite a lot of people forget about the importance of the memory card. In fact it is the media on which you store all the photos you take. Therefore it is important have good quality memory cards. There are multiple reasons for that:

  • good memory cards have higher read/write speeds that will allow you to write those files faster, especially in burst mode
  • they offer a better protection than no name memory cards, so the likelihood your files get corrupted decreases
  • they will allow you to shoot more

Personally I own mainly large capacity memory cards, but the advice is to have more but smaller capacity memory cards. This way even if your camera is stolen or it breaks you can recover some of the photos. While if you have only one memory card all the photos can disappear  in an instant. Try to go with class 10 memory cards. Newer memory cards have also the UHS Speed Class Mark which consists of the letther “U” and within a number. Generally this is 1 and 3. What this means is that UHS 1 class memory cards will guarantee you at least 10 Mb/s speeds where as UHS3 class memory cards will guarantee you at least 30 Mb/s speeds. This aspect is very important especially if you want to take video as well. Bellow you can find the differences between different class memory cards.

Memory card classes
Memory card classes

Always read your camera’s user manual and check if a particular memory card is compatible with your camera make and model

If you want to find out all the details about SD memory cards this article presents you all the aspects in detail. Not only that you will find all the technical aspect of memory cards but also you will find a very comprehensive buying guide so you will buy yourself the memory card that suits your needs.

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4. Flash or speed light

This was one of the best decisions you can make after purchasing your camera. The reason is that even if the flash on your camera will allow you to shoot in low lighting conditions it will always cast harsh shadows after the subject. This is because the flash on your digital camera directions the beam of light oriented towards the front. As a result you generate strong contrasts which translate into ugly looking shadows. A bounced light will make a huge difference. Speed lights offer you the benefit of controlling the direction of the light. Also it allows you to create a narrow or wide angled light as most of the new speed lights have the zoom feature included which will take into account the focal length of your camera to achieve the best results each time.

As for the other accessories that I heave mentioned so far there are a lot of manufacturers, the same is valid here as well. For sure the speed light produced by the manufacturer of your camera offer the best compatibility, these can set you back a couple of hundred of dollars for the higher end ones. But if you are on a tight budget there are some really good speed lights out there. One of them even though is produced by a Chinese manufacturer which is Yongnuo, offers a lot of features for the fraction of cost. Also their products have great compatibility. Especially for Canon cameras. This is due to the reversed engineering they do. I suggest you give  a try, but if you have other preferences share it with us.

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