Camera gear
Camera gear

As soon as you buy yourself a DSLR camera you find out that you need additional accessories. You need a bag for your camera to store it and easily transport between locations. Soon enough you realize that you need to protect your lens from scratches so you’d probably need a filter on the front end of your lens. Also your DSLR’s display can be scratched easily. Soon enough you will realize as a photographer you need a lot more accessories than you have anticipated. If you don’t pay attention you will get yourself a lot of accessories, some of them will be useless. But exactly what are the most important accessories for DSLR camera?

I will try to tell you what I consider should be the most important accessories for DSLR camera. Probably there are a lot more and some of you may find some of the presented items useful or useless depending on your needs. If you  have a different opinion I invite you to share it in the comments section. Here is the list of accessories you should have, please consider that the order of the enumerated items is not that important:

  1. camera bag
  2. extra battery
  3. memory cards
  4. flash
  5. padded neck strap for your DSLR
  6. lens cleaning kit
  7. Giottos rocket blower
  8. sturdy tripod
  9. remote shutter release
  10. Polarizing filter

1. Camera bag

When it comes to camera bags the offer is quite large. There are a lot of manufacturers offering all kind of camera bags and back packs. Just to mention, some people will prefer camera bags instead of bag packs. It all depends to the photographer. Even though camera bags offer a quick access to the camera, there are also bag packs which offer the same benefits. I think that the major aspect when it comes to choosing the correct bag you should pay take into account the following aspects:

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  • inside padding of the camera bag, a good bag/back pack will offer you good protection of the camera and lens
  • size of the bag, is important when you want to take with you an additional lens. Not all of them can fit a 70-300 mm lens
  • ease of access, a good bag will offer you quick access to the camera, lens of accessories contained
  • good protection against rain, though some of you would miss this point, certainly I find this aspect important. None of you would want to have the camera wet, especially if it not weather sealed.

What to choose?

I suggest to buy yourself a good quality bag or back pack because I consider that you get what you pay for. I personally own a Fancier KingKong 40 back pack which I use to store most of the equipment I own, but when I need to travel for short distances I take my Tamrac 3345 Aero 45 camera bag which I use it most of the time. What I really like on that bag is that it is quite small, but it can easily fit my Nikon D3100 with 18-70mm attached + Tamron 70-300mm Di VC USD, battery charger and memory cards. This is more than enough for me. Choose your bag according to your needs and budget.

2. Extra battery

Another important accessory which I find really important is to have it purchased is at least an extra battery. You don’t need to be a wedding photographer to purchase and extra battery. I find it really useful to have an extra battery at your disposal when the battery indicator is showing you low battery levels. Not always you will have the possibility to have a wall socket available to charge your battery. Additionally if you travel quite a lot you will soon enough will realize that the wall sockets are not the same. There are different standards worldwide ans some of them are not compatible.

While the original batteries can be quite expensive if you are not making a living of photography you also have the possibility to purchase yourself from third party manufacturers. But please pay attention as there are some batteries which are not compatible with certain camera firmware.

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