Golden Ratio

Why? Because a lot of things are happening subconsciously. What this means is that it happens quite often that even if we look at a picture and we like the content and the composition, we don’t know exactly why an image looks pleasing for us. This is mainly because of the composition. The way we frame each shot triggers our neurons to fire. Consequently it reacts to the stimuli coming through our retina. Therefor it is very important from the beginning to learn how to compose properly.

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Composition rules in photography

In the following lines I will enumerate each composition rule you will find in photography and we will deal with each rule in a separate article.

But exactly how many composition rules are in photography. Well there is no exact answer. Some people will say 10, other will say 20. It is not that important how many there are as to know how to use them for creative purposes. So here is the list of the known composition rules in photography:

  • rule of thirds
  • centered composition and symmetry
  • foreground interest and depth
  • frame within the frame
  • leading lines
  • diagonals and triangles
  • patterns and textures
  • rule of odds
  • fill the frame
  • leaving negative space
  • simplicity and minimalism
  • isolate the subject
  • change your point of view
  • look for particular color combinations
  • rule of space
  • left to right rule
  • balance elements in the scene
  • juxtaposition
  • golden triangles
  • golden ratio

As you can see there are quite a lot of composition rules enumerated. I don’t think that these are all. Certainly you can find others as well. While we, humans, don’t always think about these rules, they are there. While these rules act subconsciously, still there is more than composition what makes a picture perfect. Finding the correct balance between composition, focus, message, etc is key for a great shot. An image will look awkward if not composed correctly, even if the focus point is there, or the message. This is valid vice versa.

Therefore I wish you enjoying photography and discover what suits you most. If you want yo can leave a feedback in the comment section below. Have a nice day!


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