Golden hour - the best time for landscape photography
Golden hour – the best time for landscape photography

Which time is the best for photography? A lot of people are asking this question. Especially those that are quite knew in the field of photography. But this isn’t a general rule. One interesting answer that I came across was the the best time for photography is “any time you see a great image”. I know that isn’t the answer you were searching for. As a matter of fact you need it depends upon multiple factors and it is a balance between:

  • the best time for photographer
  • the best time for the subject
  • the best time for the light

Let’s analyse these factors in turn and see exactly what we are dealing with.

Best time for photographer

Our lives are full of activities. Whether we are speaking of our job, our private life and/or other activities that we do during a whole day. It is a question of balance, finding the right time to shoot whilst working full time, being there for you family or other different situations.

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It becomes even harder when you think that you have to bring all together the time for the subject as well the best time for the light.

Best time for the subject

Actually whether we are speaking of a portrait shot of a landscape shot there is a best time for the subject as well. In case of a portrait it is quite evident that the client might not be available when you are available or when the light is best. When we deal with landscape photography the best time for the subject is always the best time for the light. But this doesn’t mean that it’s the best time for you as a photographer if you work full day.

Best time for the light

As a matter of fact a lot of you have heard about the golden hour or blue hour. A lot of people tend to think that these periods of the day are the best to take a picture. But have you noticed that you see great shots anytime of the day. For sure it is a good period to get great shots with vibrant and rich colors. But it is also the moment where you will not have the light. You will not have enough light to expose everything properly.

Therefor the solution is to learn. What exactly? To work with the light available. To understand the light and finally to control it. My philosophy is that the difference between a good photographer with expensive gear and a great photographer is the way they control the light. A good photographer knows the light. Has fundamental knowledge. But a great photographer uses light into his benefit. No matter what gear he uses.

How to manipulate it?

There are multiple ways for that. Soften it using a white translucent clot. Bounce it form another surface. Flash it. Use your strobe, flash to create artificial lighting. Do whatever you want to achieve the effect you want. It will make a huge difference in the end.

Final thoughts

In my opinion the best answer for the question “Which time is the best for photography?” is the best time you can balance everything to get the shot. If you know to control the light then things get easier. Actually learning to control the light will help you most. Moreover you will be able to take great shots in any time of the day.

Finally my suggestion would to go out there with your gear and take pictures in every moment of the day. Ultimately you will learn light by practice.

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