Adobe Premiere Pro CC opening screen


ResultWindowsMac OS
Arc ToolAA
      Decrease Kerning by Five UnitsAlt+Shift+LeftOpt+Shift+Left
      Decrease Kerning by One UnitAlt+LeftOpt+Left
      Decrease Leading by Five UnitsAlt+Shift+DownOpt+Shift+Down
      Decrease Leading by One UnitAlt+DownOpt+Down
      Decrease Text Size by Five PointsCtrl+Alt+Shift+LeftOpt+Shift+Cmd+Left
      Decrease Text Size by One PointCtrl+Alt+LeftOpt+Cmd+Left
      Ellipse ToolEE
      Increase Kerning by Five UnitsAlt+Shift+RightOpt+Shift+Right
      Increase Kerning by One UnitAlt+RightOpt+Right
      Increase Leading by Five UnitsAlt+Shift+UpOpt+Shift+Up
      Increase Leading by One UnitAlt+UpOpt+Up
      Increase Text Size by Five PointsCtrl+Alt+Shift+RightOpt+Shift+Cmd+Right
      Increase Text Size by One PointCtrl+Alt+RightOpt+Cmd+Right
      Insert Copyright SymbolCtrl+Alt+Shift+COpt+Shift+Cmd+C
      Insert Registered SymbolCtrl+Alt+Shift+ROpt+Shift+Cmd+R
      Line ToolLL
      Nudge Selected Object Down by Five PixelsShift+DownShift+Down
      Nudge Selected Object Down by One PixelDownDown
      Nudge Selected Object Left by Five PixelsShift+LeftShift+Left
      Nudge Selected Object Left by One PixelLeftLeft
      Nudge Selected Object Right by Five PixelsShift+RightShift+Right
      Nudge Selected Object Right by One PixelRightRight
      Nudge Selected Object Up by Five PixelsShift+UpShift+Up
      Nudge Selected Object Up by One PixelUpUp
      Path Type Tool
      Pen ToolPP
      Position Objects to Bottom Title Safe MarginCtrl+Shift+DShift+Cmd+D
      Position Objects to Left Title Safe MarginCtrl+Shift+FShift+Cmd+F
      Position Objects to Top Title Safe MarginCtrl+Shift+OShift+Cmd+O
      Rectangle ToolRR
      Rotation ToolOO
      Selection ToolVV
      Type ToolTT
      Vertical Type ToolCC
      Wedge ToolWW

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