Adobe Premiere Pro CC opening screen


ResultWindowsMac OS
 Go to Next Edit PointDownDown
   Go to Next Edit Point on Any TrackShift+DownShift+Down
   Go to Previous Edit PointUpUp
   Go to Previous Edit Point on Any TrackShift+UpShift+Up
   Go to Selected Clip EndShift+EndShift+End
   Go to Selected Clip StartShift+HomeShift+Home
   Go to Sequence-Clip EndEndEnd
   Go to Sequence-Clip StartHomeHome
   Increase Clip Volume]]
   Increase Clip Volume ManyShift+]Shift+]
   Maximize or Restore Active FrameShift+`Shift+`
   Maximize or Restore Frame Under Cursor``
   Minimize All TracksShift+-Shift+-
   Play AroundShift+KShift+K
   Play In to OutCtrl+Shift+SpaceOpt+K
   Play In to Out with Preroll/PostrollShift+SpaceShift+Space
   Play from Playhead to Out PointCtrl+SpaceCtrl+Space
   Play-Stop ToggleSpaceSpaceRecord Voiceover
   Reveal Nested SequenceCtrl+Shift+FShift+T
   Ripple Trim Next Edit To PlayheadWW
   Ripple Trim Previous Edit To PlayheadQQ
   Select Camera 111
   Select Camera 222
   Select Camera 333
   Select Camera 444
   Select Camera 555
   Select Camera 666
   Select Camera 777
   Select Camera 888
   Select Camera 999
   Select Find BoxShift+FShift+F
   Select Clip at PlayheadDD
   Select Next ClipCtrl+DownCmd+Down
   Select Next PanelCtrl+Shift+.Ctrl+Shift+.
   Select Previous ClipCtrl+UpCmd+Up
   Select Previous PanelCtrl+Shift+,Ctrl+Shift+,
   Set Poster FrameShift+PCmd+P
   Shuttle LeftJJ
   Shuttle RightLL
   Shuttle Slow LeftShift+JShift+J
   Shuttle Slow RightShift+LShift+L
   Shuttle StopKK
   Step BackLeftLeft
   Step Back Five Frames - UnitsShift+LeftShift+Left
   Step ForwardRightRight
   Step Forward Five Frames - UnitsShift+RightShift+Right
   Toggle All Audio TargetsCtrl+9Cmd+9
   Toggle All Source AudioCtrl+Alt+9Opt+Cmd+9
Toggle All Source VideoCtrl+Alt+0Opt+Cmd+0
Toggle All Video TargetsCtrl+0Cmd+0
Toggle Audio During ScrubbingShift+SShift+S
Toggle Control Surface Clip Mixer Mode
   Toggle Full ScreenCtrl+`Ctrl+`
   Toggle Multi-Camera ViewShift+0Shift+0
   Toggle Trim TypeShift+TCtrl+T
   Trim BackwardCtrl+LeftOpt+Left
   Trim Backward ManyCtrl+Shift+LeftOpt+Shift+Left
   Trim ForwardCtrl+RightOpt+Right
   Trim Forward ManyCtrl+Shift+RightOpt+Shift+Right
   Trim Next Edit to PlayheadCtrl+Alt+WOpt+W
   Trim Previous Edit to PlayheadCtrl+Alt+QOpt+Q

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