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ResultWindowsMac OS
Start or stop previewSpacebar, 0 on numeric keypad, Shift+0 on numeric keypadSpacebar, 0 on numeric keypad, Shift+0 on numeric keypad
Reset preview settings to replicate RAM Preview and Standard Preview behaviorsAlt-click Reset in Preview panelOption-click Reset in Preview panel
Preview only audio, from current time. (decimal point) on numeric keypad*. (decimal point) on numeric keypad* or Control+. (period) on main keyboard
Preview only audio, in work areaAlt+. (decimal point) on numeric keypad*Option+. (decimal point) on numeric keypad* or Control+Option+. (period) on main keyboard
Manually preview (scrub) videoDrag or Alt-drag current-time indicator, depending on Live Update settingDrag or Option-drag current-time indicator, depending on Live Update setting
Manually preview (scrub) audioCtrl-drag current-time indicatorCommand-drag current-time indicator
Preview number of frames specified by Alternate Preview preference (defaults to 5)Alt+0 on numeric keypad*Option+0 on numeric keypad* or Control+Option+0 (zero) on main keyboard
Toggle Mercury Transmit video preview/ (on numeric keypad)/ (on numeric keypad), Control+/ on main keyboard  
Take snapshotShift+F5, Shift+F6, Shift+F7, or Shift+F8Shift+F5, Shift+F6, Shift+F7, or Shift+F8
Display snapshot in active viewerF5, F6, F7, or F8F5, F6, F7, or F8
Purge snapshotCtrl+Shift+F5, Ctrl+Shift+F6, Ctrl+Shift+F7, or Ctrl+Shift+F8Command+Shift+F5, Command+Shift+F6, Command+Shift+F7, or Command+Shift+F8
Fast Previews > OffCtrl+Alt+1Command+Option+1
Fast Previews > Adaptive ResolutionCtrl+Alt+2Command+Option+2
Fast Previews > DraftCtrl+Alt+3Command+Option+3
Fast Previews > Fast DraftCtrl+Alt+4Command+Option+4
Fast Previews > WireframeCtrl+Alt+5Command+Option+5

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