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Time navigation

ResultWindowsMac OS
Go to specific timeAlt+Shift+JOption+Shift+J
Go to beginning or end of work areaShift+Home or Shift+EndShift+Home or Shift+End
Go to previous or next visible item in time ruler (keyframe, layer marker, work area beginning or end)J or KJ or K
(Note: Also goes to beginning, end, or base frame of Roto Brush span if viewing Roto Brush in Layer panel.)
Go to beginning of composition, layer, or footage itemHome or Ctrl+Alt+Left ArrowHome or Command+Option+Left Arrow
Go to end of composition, layer, or footage itemEnd or Ctrl+Alt+Right ArrowEnd or Command+Option+Right Arrow
Go forward 1 framePage Down or Ctrl+Right ArrowPage Down or Command+Right Arrow
Go forward 10 framesShift+Page Down or Ctrl+Shift+Right ArrowShift+Page Down or Command+Shift+Right Arrow
Go backward 1 framePage Up or Ctrl+Left ArrowPage Up or Command+Left Arrow
Go backward 10 framesShift+Page Up or Ctrl+Shift+Left ArrowShift+Page Up or Command+Shift+Left Arrow
Go to layer In pointII
Go to layer Out pointOO
Go to previous In point or Out pointCtrl+Alt+Shift+Left ArrowCommand+Option+Shift+Left Arrow
Go to next In point or Out pointCtrl+Alt+Shift+Right ArrowCommand+Option+Shift+Right Arrow
Scroll to current time in Timeline panelDD

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