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Activate tools

ResultWindowsMac OS
Cycle through toolsAlt-click tool button in Tools panelOption-click tool button in Tools panel
Activate Selection toolVV
Activate Hand toolHH
Temporarily activate Hand toolHold down spacebar or the middle mouse buttonHold down spacebar or the middle mouse button
Activate  Zoom In  toolZZ
Activate  Zoom Out  toolAlt (when Zoom In tool is active)Option (when Zoom In tool is active)
Activate  Rotation  toolWW
Activate Roto Brush toolAlt+WOption+W
Activate Refine Edge toolAlt+WOption+W
Activate and cycle through Camera tools (Unified Camera, Orbit Camera, Track XY Camera, and Track Z Camera)CC
Activate  Pan Behind  toolYY
Activate and cycle through mask and shape tools (Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Star)QQ
Activate and cycle through  Type  tools (Horizontal and Vertical)Ctrl+TCommand+T
Activate and cycle between the  Pen and Mask Feather  tools. (Note: You can turn off this setting in the  Preferences  dialog box.)GG
Temporarily activate Selection tool when a pen tool is selectedCtrlCommand
Temporarily activate Pen tool when the Selection tool is selected and pointer is over a path (Add Vertex tool when pointer is over a segment; Convert Vertex tool when pointer is over a vertex)Ctrl+AltCommand+Option
Activate and cycle through Brush, Clone Stamp, and Eraser toolsCtrl+BCommand+B
Activate and cycle through Puppet toolsCtrl+PCommand+P
Temporarily convert Selection tool to Shape Duplication toolAlt (in shape layer)Option (in shape layer)
Temporarily convert Selection tool to Direct Selection toolCtrl (in shape layer)Command (in shape layer)

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