After Effects CC loading

Panels, viewers, workspaces, and windows

ResultWindowsMac OS
Open or close Project panelCtrl+0Command+0
Open or close Render Queue panelCtrl+Alt+0Command+Option+0
Open or close Tools panelCtrl+1Command+1
Open or close Info panelCtrl+2Command+2
Open or close Preview panelCtrl+3Command+3
Open or close Audio panelCtrl+4Command+4
Open or close Effects & Presets panelCtrl+5Command+5
Open or close Character panelCtrl+6Command+6
Open or close Paragraph panelCtrl+7Command+7
Open or close Paint panelCtrl+8Command+8
Open or close Brushes panelCtrl+9Command+9
Open or close Effect Controls panel for selected layerF3 or Ctrl+Shift+TF3 or Command+Shift+T
Open Flowchart panel for project flowchartCtrl+F11Command+F11
Switch to workspaceShift+F10, Shift+F11, or Shift+F12Shift+F10, Shift+F11, or Shift+F12
Close active viewer or panel (closes content first)Ctrl+WCommand+W
Close active panel or all viewers of type of active viewer (closes content first). For example, if a Timeline panel is active, this command closes all Timeline panels.Ctrl+Shift+WCommand+Shift+W
Split the frame containing the active viewer and create a new viewer with opposite locked/unlocked stateCtrl+Alt+Shift+NCommand+Option+Shift+N
Maximize or restore panel under pointer` (accent grave)` (accent grave)
Resize application window or floating window to fit screen. (Press again to resize window so that contents fill the screen.)Ctrl+\ (backslash)Command+\ (backslash)
Move application window or floating window to main monitor; resize window to fit screen. (Press again to resize window so that contents fill the screen.)Ctrl+Alt+\ (backslash)Command+Option+\ (backslash)
Toggle activation between Composition panel and Timeline panel for current composition\ (backslash)\ (backslash)
Cycle to previous or next item in active viewer (for example, cycle through open compositions)Shift+, (comma) or Shift+. (period)Shift+, (comma) or Shift+. (period)
Cycle to previous or next panel in active frame (for example, cycle through open Timeline panels)Alt+Shift+, (comma) or Alt+Shift+. (period)Option+Shift+, (comma) or Option+Shift+. (period)
Activate a view in a multi-view layout in the Composition panel without affecting layer selectionClick with middle mouse buttonClick with middle mouse button

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