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Key frames and the Graph Editor

ResultWindowsMac OS
Toggle between Graph Editor and layer bar modesShift+F3Shift+F3
Select all keyframes for a propertyClick property nameClick property name
Select all visible keyframes and propertiesCtrl+Alt+ACommand+Option+A
Deselect all keyframes, properties, and property groupsShift+F2 or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+AShift+F2 or Command+Option+Shift+A
Move keyframe 1 frame later or earlierAlt+Right Arrow or Alt+Left ArrowOption+Right Arrow or Option+Left Arrow
Move keyframe 10 frames later or earlierAlt+Shift+Right Arrow or Alt+Shift+Left ArrowOption+Shift+Right Arrow or Option+Shift+Left Arrow
Set interpolation for selected keyframes (layer bar mode)Ctrl+Alt+KCommand+Option+K
Set keyframe interpolation method to hold or Auto BezierCtrl+Alt+HCommand+Option+H
Set keyframe interpolation method to linear or Auto BezierCtrl-click in layer bar modeCommand-click in layer bar mode
Set keyframe interpolation method to linear or holdCtrl+Alt-click in layer bar modeCommand+Option-click in layer bar mode
Easy ease selected keyframesF9F9
Easy ease selected keyframes inShift+F9Shift+F9
Easy ease selected keyframes outCtrl+Shift+F9Command+Shift+F9
Set velocity for selected keyframesCtrl+Shift+KCommand+Shift+K
Add or remove keyframe at current time. For property shortcuts, see Showing properties and groups in the Timeline panel (keyboard shortcuts).Alt+Shift+property shortcutOption+property shortcut

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