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Showing properties and groups in the Timeline panel

ResultWindowsMac OS
Find in Timeline panelCtrl+FCommand+F
Toggle expansion of selected layers to show all propertiesCtrl+` (accent grave)Command+` (accent grave)
Toggle expansion of property group and all child property groups to show all propertiesCtrl-click triangle to the left of the property group nameCommand-click triangle to the left of the property group name
Show only Anchor Point property (for lights and cameras, Point Of Interest)AA
Show only Audio Levels propertyLL
Show only Mask Feather propertyFF
Show only Mask Path propertyMM
Show only Mask Opacity propertyTTTT
Show only Opacity property (for lights, Intensity)TT
Show only Position propertyPP
Show only Rotation and Orientation propertiesRR
Show only Scale propertySS
Show only Time Remap propertyRRRR
Show only instances of missing effectsFFFF
Show only Effects property groupEE
Show only mask property groupsMMMM
Show only Material Options property groupAAAA
Show only expressionsEEEE
Show properties with keyframesUU
Show only modified propertiesUUUU
Show only paint strokes, Roto Brush strokes, and Puppet pinsPPPP
Show only audio waveformLLLL
Show only selected properties and groupsSSSS
Hide property or groupAlt+Shift-click property or group nameOption+Shift-click property or group name
Add or remove property or group from set that is shownShift+property or group shortcutShift+property or group shortcut
Add or remove keyframe at current timeAlt+Shift+property shortcutOption+property shortcut

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