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ResultWindowsMac OS
Turn display color management on or off for active viewShift+/ (on numeric keypad)Shift+/ (on numeric keypad)
Show red, green, blue, or alpha channel as grayscaleAlt+1, Alt+2, Alt+3, Alt+4Option+1, Option+2, Option+3, Option+4
Show colorized red, green, or blue channelAlt+Shift+1, Alt+Shift+2, Alt+Shift+3Option+Shift+1, Option+Shift+2, Option+Shift+3
Toggle showing straight RGB colorAlt+Shift+4Option+Shift+4
Show alpha boundary (outline between transparent and opaque regions) in Layer panelAlt+5Option+5
Show alpha overlay (colored overlay on transparent regions) in Layer panelAlt+6Option+6
Show Refine Edge X-rayAlt+XOption+X
Center composition in the panelDouble-click Hand toolDouble-click Hand tool
Zoom-in in Composition, Layer, or Footage panel. (period) on main keyboard. (period) on main keyboard
Zoom-out in Composition, Layer, or Footage panel, (comma), (comma)
Zoom to 100% in Composition, Layer, or Footage panel/ (on main keyboard)/ (on main keyboard)
Zoom to fit in Composition, Layer, or Footage panelShift+/ (on main keyboard)Shift+/ (on main keyboard)
Zoom up to 100% to fit in Composition, Layer, or Footage panelAlt+/ (on main keyboard)Option+/ (on main keyboard)
Set resolution to Full, Half, or Custom in Composition panelCtrl+J, Ctrl+Shift+J, Ctrl+Alt+JCommand+J, Command+Shift+J, Command+Option+J
Open View Options dialog box for active Composition panelCtrl+Alt+UCommand+Option+U
Zoom in time#NAME?#NAME?
Zoom out time- (hyphen) on main keyboard- (hyphen) on main keyboard
Zoom in Timeline panel to single-frame units (Press again to zoom out to show entire composition duration.); (semicolon); (semicolon)
Zoom out in Timeline panel to show the entire composition duration (Press again to zoom back in to the duration specified by the Time Navigator.)Shift+; (semicolon)Shift+; (semicolon)
Prevent images from being rendered for previews in viewer panelsCaps LockCaps Lock
Show or hide safe zones' (apostrophe)' (apostrophe)
Show or hide gridCtrl+' (apostrophe)Command+' (apostrophe)
Show or hide proportional gridAlt+' (apostrophe)Option+' (apostrophe)
Show or hide rulersCtrl+RCommand+R
Show or hide guidesCtrl+; (semicolon)Command+; (semicolon)
Turn snapping to grid on or offCtrl+Shift+' (apostrophe)Command+Shift+' (apostrophe)
Turn snapping to guides on or offCtrl+Shift+; (semicolon)Command+Shift+; (semicolon)
Lock or unlock guidesCtrl+Alt+Shift+; (semicolon)Command+Option+Shift+; (semicolon)
Show or hide layer controls (masks, motion paths, light and camera wireframes, effect control points, and layer handles)Ctrl+Shift+HCommand+Shift+H

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