ADATA has made a name in the industry and it is offering for their customers great products each year. Although SSDs cannot be matched in terms of speed, sill traditional hard drives are a great alternative if storage space matters. Additionally if you want to make it also portable then these two products could be a really good option to consider. Recently they have launched 2 new portable external hard drives with capacities reaching 5 Tb. We are speaking about the ADATA HV300 and HV330.


The ADATA HV300 external portable hard drive can be described as: slim, sophisticated and safe. With a thickness of just 10.3 mm for 1TB and 2TB versions, the 4TB and 5TB have a thickness of 19mm, this makes it very easy to carry around. It will fit perfectly in your pocket, briefcase or backpack. Overall this is a good looking product with glossy front cover and textured frame. Users can pick it in four different colors: black, blue, red and white.

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As mentioned earlier the capacities range from 1TB up to 5TB. There is a 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and a huge 5TB version. While the 1TB and 2TB have only 10.3mm, the larger version of 4TB & 5TB are thicker with 19mm. Pick one the suits best your needs and budget. The drives use USB 3.1 (USB 3.0) and are equipped with ADATA proprietary shock sensors. The product comes bundeled with the HDDtoGO software has AES-256 bit encryption which will make your data safe, even in the event of a stolen or lost drive.

ADATA HD330 – tough as possible

The HD330 series was designed with protection in mind. It has a lot of similar features with the HV300. You can choose between  1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and a huge 5TB version. You will also get the HDDtoGO software with AES-256 bit encryption. While the HV300 product family is available in white as will, for the HD330 we will have only the other 3 colors available: red, blue and black.

As mentioned earlier the HD330 was designed with protection in mind. The hard drives are surrounded by high-density, shock absorbing silicone protection which makes the HD330 to withstand drops, shocks and bumps with ease. Similarly to the HV300, this is also equipped with a shock sensor will cease all drive activity if any impact is detected, thereby minimizing the occurrence of errors and bad sectors.

Price and availability

For the moment ADATA didn’t reveal the price and availability of the two drives. So stay tuned.

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