Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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About Pixelstrobist



Dear Pixelstrobist readers. I am really happy that you have accessed www.pixelstrobist.com. Initially this project started from the desire to help other people like me that are passionate about digital content. Whether we are speaking about photography, video content creation and editing or just having fun flying our drones, I found it important to create a community. Although I am the founder, editor or content creator of PixelStrobist I enjoy writing about any topic. As long as I can help others and reach to the public it makes me really happy. Even more when I see that people enjoy what they are reading.

-About me-

For those that are curious who am I and what do I do for a living I can tell you there is nothing special. From professional point of view I work as an engineer, have a normal job like any other guy. But what makes me a little bit different is the passion I have for visual arts. I started shooting 4 years ago and since then I am still following a learning curve. While I try to learn by my own, I still want to share the knowledge I gather with other people as well. Since a year ago I started to get into videography.

Now I see video content creation and processing from a totally different view point. Therefor I invite you to discover together with me and Pixelstrobist the secrets of photography, video editing and much more. With the help of the tutorials I really hope that you will be able to improve your technique and enjoy reading the post’s of this website.

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